SDMC: Results

August 23, 2010

RB has finished the SDMC tournament with 3 gold medals out of 5! Thanks to all our members who participated and were present as substitutes: anfes, deGrave, __FRY__, greenadiss, Honzik1, lgdsl, Syem, Undertaker, ^o_o^ (a.k.a. catface).

RB's stairway to heaven
Insta hold
1RB vs. DMc_valley8:3Link
2RB vs. WSreissen5:0Link
3RB vs. JGcorruption2:0Link
finalsRB vs. TXfc39:0Link
finalsRB vs. TXsuburb3:9Link
finalsRB vs. TXdust28:0Link
Regen capture
2RB vs. HotSnmp8WIN:4Link
finalsRB vs. DMnmp9WIN:44Link
finalsRB vs. DMfc495:46Link
Efficiency CTF
1RB vs. WSforge10:0Link
2RB vs. vaQtejen2:1Link
3RB vs. w4nkdust27:4Link
finalsRB vs. JGreissen7:9Link
finalsRB vs. JGauthentic5:4Link
finalsRB vs. JGredemption7:6Link