Roster update

November 2, 2021

Roster update In the last year and a half, we had a lot of member changes. Ren4rd joined in April 2020, just a month later another French joined, Khornettoh. Only few months later, saper decided to leave RB because of a lot of stuff to do in real life and our mission to get RB back on top like its been for a years in past, which he decided to not follow because of lack of time. The last update in 2020 was in December when speedy Gonzales a.k.a Jawer, former RB, decided to re-join his old home. 2021 is our year of many changes and improvements inside the team, but lets talk about roster for now. In July, Friteq also decided to re-join RB, but went inactive for some time due to new job he got. In October, within few days difference, we received two new butchers. Karuzo and Esca joined our ranks with motivation of improvement and helping us in our mission. Thats it for now. Keep sharpening your knives, butchers, there is a lot of meat to chop in the future.