February 8, 2010

We are leaving PSL.

Honzik1 and DeGrave were disqualified in FFA semifinal. RB suppose that shmutz’s decision wasn't based on rules. Different people have different opinions about contractual games between the same clan members. I, UTaker, think it’s normal. Shmutz desagrees. Somebody else has different position. How can we organize a tournament and take a part in it if everyone has own ideas how to rule? There is a decision – public rules of tounament. Everyone who wants to play in league must accept the rules. We accepted it and we took a part. And got disqualification by arbitrary ruling since not rule about this situation.

There was similar (but not the same) situation when w00p members were playing. They acted less obviously then RBers. Shmutz’s decision was in favor of a replay. PSL FAQ: “After the games we usually talk about it [controversial situation] and consider to make a rule for the future games. Sometimes this is a solution, sometimes it is not”. No new rule had been added. Shmutz made a voluntary decision. We do not accept this approach. PSL is Shmutz's toy, he does what he want. If so, then no place for us there.

Finally Shmutz let himself write stupid, inappropriate and insulting statement about Russians.

RB had meeting. Members were voting: to play in PSL or not. The majority (most of them are Russians outraged by Shmutz’s statement) voted to quit PSL. Shmutz’s decision is not the only thing that we do not like. PSL games itself, with their format, duration and time, are no fun anymore. We prefer friendly games with any clans.