Applications is opened

January 12, 2023

Applications opened after long time! Hello rookies, butchers have opened 1 free spot in our ranks. If you are interested in improvement and activity with us, you can send us your application by sending a DM to Partizan/degrave on discord. Our admins will answer you in a short time.

Application form:

Reasons of application:
Your playstyle (What can we expect from you, what do you like? Etc.):
Anything interesting about past clans/activity?:


  1. Maturity
  2. Activity
  3. Gained experience (aiming skills, teamplay, gameplay in general)

First round: We will sort candidates by these three rules. After closing the process of collecting an applications (7 days), all candidates will receive a message about result of the first round as fast as possible. Judging by the rules we will decide who is that ONE player to pass to another round. Second round: Only ONE candidate will pass into second round where you will have to play with us and show what you got. The more you play - the higher chances are for you to be accepted.

Application in total wont take more than 2 weeks before you get accepted/rejected.

Good luck everybody!