Встреча вживую

October 30, 2009

Люди, а не встретиться ли нам в славном городе-герое Москве и немного бухнуть? Ya_Durak может нас приютить. Многие из нас живут в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге. Это может быть и не Москва -- всё обсуждается :)

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Asylum and cheating

October 17, 2009

My pronounce about situation with Asylum.

Hi, you know me as Honzik1.

I have played Cube 1 and 2 since 5 years with short breaks. In this time, I met only few cheaters in this game. But in the near past, I saw more and more people who called very good players as cheaters. About 6 months ago we were solving this way with Solax. And of course he did not cheat, but a lot of players thought he did. I can not understand the reasons why everybody call good players a cheaters. But probably he is envied by his skills. And this all looks very noobish and unsportsmanlike.

Now the community found a new target called Asylum. He is not very popular at other clans, because of his too fast growing up skills. But in fact, he played professionally quake styled games before, so his skills is on top with sauer today. Shmutz and others made videos which could prove his cheating. It is interesting that they did everything around cheating after FK won against TC in iCTF and Asylum against tenshi from the w00p-clan.

Shmutzwurst penalised Asylum and the FK clan without any democratic voting of other players. Shmutzwurst banned Asylum from PSL for 1 year but in fact he say: "Asylum is completely banned from any (!) PSL games for one year until the qualification games in December 2010!" It seems the year has 14 months for Shmutzwurst. His first words was "This decision will not be changed by us!" That sounds he is a avowed communist of Russia, where no democratic discussion is possible. His next statement: "We simply do not have the time!" But he spend a lot of time for his research for finding nothing in Asylum style of playing. He just want not to change his undemocratic opinion about Asylum.

Now I will explain that Shmutzwurst "proofs" of cheating are just a very clever and advanced style of a player. First, we should know that very advanced players knows each spawnplace for each map. That is very important because it should look for not skilled players that he do some unbelievable things in his playing.

In the first video you can see all spawn places of the map. So you see, Asylum use simple logic. He checks all spawn places and he phases out checked ones. Sometimes good player make a fault by checking a spawn place because of a enemy respawn-delay. At the second and third video you see that Shmutzwurst embezzled important details as low resolution and bad frame per seconds (fps).

Now I ask you: Do you think Shmutzwurst is a trustful man when he do something like this? What should I think about other videos of him now? That is not very trustful for me! At the fourth video you should think Shmutzwurst is not a good player, because it is mysterious player skill for him. But that is advanced playing of a average player in a duel.

At the fifth video you see Asylum fails his shot, because he doesn't know where his enemy is exactly. But he checked all dangerous points before.

At the sixth video you see Asylum has a lucky shot in this moment, because he doesn't check the spawn points. The enemy spawns at the spawn place 4 where he predicts it. It is a chance of 2:1, because he checks 6 of 8 spawn points. It should seem like he aims at the enemy behind the wall. That happens many times and where every player do this, he should be banned! Then everybody in cube2 has to be banned! You see a shot delay in the last seconds of the video. When he would see him through the wall, he could shoot immediately.

I would like to say, that this all is a sad story of inexperienced people who want to bully any players from the community. I hope some of your open his or her eyes and think about this. Then make your own (!) opinion about Asylum. I hope, I opened your eyes. I Played with him a lot of games and other players too. Everything was OK and it did many fun. I think if somebody uses any cheats, it will not make fun for long time. Asylum trains 2 hours per day for being better and it responses in his really great skills. I hope, somebody of your will talk with the PSL admins, because PSL is our great part of fun in the cube2 community and the FK players are a part of it too!

Thanks for your time!


Full quality videos:

  1. wallhack1.avi
  2. wallhack2.avi
  3. wallhack3.avi
  4. wallhack4.avi
  5. wallhack5.avi
  6. wallhack6.avi



Related link: Asylum banned for one year, FK has to replay the iCTF title match.

NB: It's personal Honzik's opinion, but not RB clan.

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E-mail returns

September 12, 2009

Now it is powered by Google. Who had e-mail boxes at butchers.su domain, can use the same login and password to access to new mail box on mail.butchers.su.


Novices and who forgot own login or password please contact me by e-mail: [email protected]

Also are available:


  • Google Calendar
  • Google Chat aka Google Talk (based on XMPP)
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sites


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