3v3 eCTF tournament conquer!

August 10, 2018

Last sunday, Frosty organized one of the biggest team tournaments in this game. Ten teams competed in double-elimination bracket. Our Red Butchers (Partizan, Honzik1, Sveark) had some hard matches that day.

In the first match we met one mixed team |ALLURO| (Erika, cocoa, Agalloch), they didnt manage to make some bigger problems to us, result was 2:0 for RB and we passed to another match.

In the second match we met sp4nk (Frosty, hades, notas) pretty hard opponents to play with. It was very exciting game. First map was forge, sp4nk managed to outplay us there with result 7:5, still our comrades had enough power for comeback. Next one was haste, very tough game which we managed to win.

Tiebreaker map was reissen, our team focused on nice and successful attacks which helped us to pass to semi-finals with result 4:2.

In the semi-final match RB met !s (Gangler, Savi, Dark-Fire'). First map was forge, we were playing very well there and won with the score 7:5. Next one was reissen, !s had nice gameplay and won 7:5. Decisive map was twinforts, RB had victory in hands twice in a row, but failing to pick up the flag in front of our base costed us, and we lost 6:5.

Our team had enough time to go over that loss, meeting sp4nk in the loser-bracket match once again. This time we didn't give them any chance, winning 2:0 on redemption (5:4) and forge (4:3), passing to the finals and meeting !s again.

Final was really exciting, !s had 1 map advantage, which made them lead 1:0 before the games even started, our comrades had to win two games, trying not to lose a single one.

First map was haste, very hard game for both of us, nice teamwork helped us to win that one, 3:1.

Second and decisive map was twinforts, once again, with the same opponent. It was payback time for the semi-finals. Our team had lead 3:1 few minutes before the end, but !s managed to score twice and bring the game back. It was 4:4 till last 20 seconds, we surprised our opponents by fast attack. It was successful and we scored for 5:4, making unbreakable defence fall, we kept our lead till the end.

Good job comrades, we hope to see more results like that, thanks for bringing RB back to the top.

We would like to thank Frosty for the nice organization, and every team that signed up.

Effic CTF august 2018 braket

P.S. Here is one cut scene showing how we lost semi-finals on twinforts: