Inko joined RB

November 3, 2023

Attention everybody, our youngest member has arrived! At the age of only 14 and after developing great skills on his own over the past 2 years, Inko has finally made it. Outstanding with his elegant flagruns, stamina and willpower he shall soon bestow fear on our enemies. The team expects nothing but your best, young prodigy!

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First RB Anti-Cheat eCTF Tournament

May 23, 2023

Last Sunday, 21.05.2023, we proudfully hosted our first AC tournament for eCTF, organized by Partizan and karuzo. Used was the p1xbraten AC by p1x.

Butcher's AC eCTF, May 2023 - Challonge Link

To make things a little bit more juicy, we also decided to have a poll on Sauerworld about which two uncommon maps were to be added to the map pool. Winning maps were catch22 and twinforts. Loser bracket finals map was fixed as the winning map of the poll, in this case catch22. For the Grand Finals we decided to kick out the two most played maps forge and haste.

The map pool was the following:

Regular - forge, reissen, luna, enigma, haste, catch22, twinforts
LB finals - catch22
Grand Finals - reissen, luna, enigma, catch, twin

In total six teams showed up:

xtra: extra-a, zed, Starman 
DK: hamon, Wülorc, tune 
sp4nk: Master/Frosty, starch, sketch 
sQ: Spaghetti/Inko, Manu, Brecht.vB 
RB1: Partizan, Esca, r4 
RB2: degrave, FRY, morry 

We were very glad to see our dear clan leader degrave in action again and see him win some matches together with his entirely russian team.

Overall the games were quite tense and balanced, with only RB1 by far outstanding and easily reaching the Grand Finals. There, they also claimed the title without further struggles. Although sp4nk was supposed to give the RBs a tough fight for the title, the opposite was the case. RBs enjoyed way too much free space and too little pressure, while sp4nks appeared to be lost and without proper tactics. Despite sp4nks being mostly inactive for around 2 months their aim was still on point, but it wasn't enough. A good laugh was given to us by notas when he compared during his stream the battle between RB1 and sp4nk as a battle between Mike Tyson and a baby. I am not quite sure how sp4nk would have turned in a span of only 2 months from our most dangerous rival to a baby. Hmmmm...

Well, anyway.

Big surprise was the performance of the DKs. In my personal opinion, the best they ever had. They gave all their opponents quite the tough match, kicking the sQs into the loser bracket and later on eliminating team xtra and even RB2 in the loser bracket. Still in winner bracket, they even made the sp4nk's life hard, sending them to overtime and even winning a map against them. Even the lost maps were mostly lost by only a flag or two, keeping the scores tight and the games tense.

A promising team was that of sQ, who improved a looooot over the recent months and even managed to beat a decent RB team in a clanwar. Unfortunately, in this tournament the luck was not on their side by being eliminated by DK and RB2. Yet, they are still a rising team, getting better by the day and will surely be kicking asses very soon on a regular basis.

Team xtra was only formed on the spot, a minute before the tournament started. So, sadly this team didn't get the chance to practice together before. However, that didn't stop them from facing their rivals head on and delivering a fierce fight. You guys did great!

We want to thank everyone for playing, spectating and supporting. We hope we can provide in the future some more AC tournaments.

Our special thanks goes to p1x, who spent so much time and work on creating the AC, assisting for any questions and AC improvements that were needed to host the tournament.

Download the demos and screenshots here:

Or here:

AC eCTF May 2023 bracket

AC eCTF May 2023 All vs All

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Applications is opened

January 12, 2023

Applications opened after long time! Hello rookies, butchers have opened 1 free spot in our ranks. If you are interested in improvement and activity with us, you can send us your application by sending a DM to Partizan/degrave on discord. Our admins will answer you in a short time.

Application form:

Reasons of application:
Your playstyle (What can we expect from you, what do you like? Etc.):
Anything interesting about past clans/activity?:


  1. Maturity
  2. Activity
  3. Gained experience (aiming skills, teamplay, gameplay in general)

First round: We will sort candidates by these three rules. After closing the process of collecting an applications (7 days), all candidates will receive a message about result of the first round as fast as possible. Judging by the rules we will decide who is that ONE player to pass to another round. Second round: Only ONE candidate will pass into second round where you will have to play with us and show what you got. The more you play - the higher chances are for you to be accepted.

Application in total wont take more than 2 weeks before you get accepted/rejected.

Good luck everybody!

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Roster update

November 2, 2021

Roster update In the last year and a half, we had a lot of member changes. Ren4rd joined in April 2020, just a month later another French joined, Khornettoh. Only few months later, saper decided to leave RB because of a lot of stuff to do in real life and our mission to get RB back on top like its been for a years in past, which he decided to not follow because of lack of time. The last update in 2020 was in December when speedy Gonzales a.k.a Jawer, former RB, decided to re-join his old home. 2021 is our year of many changes and improvements inside the team, but lets talk about roster for now. In July, Friteq also decided to re-join RB, but went inactive for some time due to new job he got. In October, within few days difference, we received two new butchers. Karuzo and Esca joined our ranks with motivation of improvement and helping us in our mission. Thats it for now. Keep sharpening your knives, butchers, there is a lot of meat to chop in the future.

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3v3 eCTF tournament conquer!

August 10, 2018

Last sunday, Frosty organized one of the biggest team tournaments in this game. Ten teams competed in double-elimination bracket. Our Red Butchers (Partizan, Honzik1, Sveark) had some hard matches that day.

In the first match we met one mixed team |ALLURO| (Erika, cocoa, Agalloch), they didnt manage to make some bigger problems to us, result was 2:0 for RB and we passed to another match.

In the second match we met sp4nk (Frosty, hades, notas) pretty hard opponents to play with. It was very exciting game. First map was forge, sp4nk managed to outplay us there with result 7:5, still our comrades had enough power for comeback. Next one was haste, very tough game which we managed to win.

Tiebreaker map was reissen, our team focused on nice and successful attacks which helped us to pass to semi-finals with result 4:2.

In the semi-final match RB met !s (Gangler, Savi, Dark-Fire'). First map was forge, we were playing very well there and won with the score 7:5. Next one was reissen, !s had nice gameplay and won 7:5. Decisive map was twinforts, RB had victory in hands twice in a row, but failing to pick up the flag in front of our base costed us, and we lost 6:5.

Our team had enough time to go over that loss, meeting sp4nk in the loser-bracket match once again. This time we didn't give them any chance, winning 2:0 on redemption (5:4) and forge (4:3), passing to the finals and meeting !s again.

Final was really exciting, !s had 1 map advantage, which made them lead 1:0 before the games even started, our comrades had to win two games, trying not to lose a single one.

First map was haste, very hard game for both of us, nice teamwork helped us to win that one, 3:1.

Second and decisive map was twinforts, once again, with the same opponent. It was payback time for the semi-finals. Our team had lead 3:1 few minutes before the end, but !s managed to score twice and bring the game back. It was 4:4 till last 20 seconds, we surprised our opponents by fast attack. It was successful and we scored for 5:4, making unbreakable defence fall, we kept our lead till the end.

Good job comrades, we hope to see more results like that, thanks for bringing RB back to the top.

We would like to thank Frosty for the nice organization, and every team that signed up.

Effic CTF august 2018 braket

P.S. Here is one cut scene showing how we lost semi-finals on twinforts:

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SauerDuels #16 – Effic 1v1

June 29, 2018

Last SauerDuels event went good for us. Partizan competed in one of the hardest effic 1vs1 tournaments lately. Fighting with 3 sp4nks (starch, notas and Frosty) for place in the finals, he managed to win group stage without much pain. In finals he met raffael, the winner of the group B. After 3 very hard and exhausting games, raffael won. Next time we are waiting for the title, comrade!

 raffael def.  Partizan
turbine 73:79 (screen | demo)
legazzo 74:72 (screen | demo)
academy 67:59 (screen | demo)

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Friteq and Sveark left

May 13, 2018

Friteq decided to leave RB after being a part of it for some time. Due to issues related to ping and too different time zones, Sveark also couldn't stay any longer.

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Phönix joined

February 4, 2018
Hey, we are herе to tell you that we found some bright and hot fire to warm our RB clan, which is cozy now! Welcome, GermanyPhönix!
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Roster update

October 10, 2017

Friteq is our new comrade, DieZ is removed for inactivity, Sweeper decided to stop playing sauer and left RB.

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Monthly report

November 20, 2015

We are proud of our victories in clan scene in last few months. Thanks to DeGrave, Partizan and Honzik1 we toke first places at almost every tournament in last few months. Here are complete the results:

SSL April 2015

SSL May 2015

  • eCTF: 3rd place by DeGrave, Sveark and Honzik1 [result]

SSL June 2015 

SSL August 2015

  • insta: 1st place by Honzik1 [result]
  • ffa: 3rd place by Honzik1 [result]
  • iCTF: 2nd place by DeGrave, Partizan and Honzik1 [result]

Flagrun tournament August 2015

SSL September 2015

  • ffa: 2nd place by Honzik1 [result]
  • eCTF: 2nd place by DeGrave, Partizan and Honzik1 [result]

DK 3 year Anniversary Tournament (September 2015)

  • eCTF: 1st place by DeGrave, Partizan and Honzik1 [result]

SSL October 2015

  • regen: 1st place by DeGrave, Partizan and Honzik1 [result]
  • ctf: 1st place by DeGrave, Partizan and Honzik1 [result]
  • ectf: 1st place by DeGrave, Partizan and Honzik1 [result]
  • insta: 1st place by Honzik1 [result]

SSL November 2015

  • insta: 1st place by Honzik1 [result]
  • effic: 1st place by Honzik1 [result]
  • iCTF: 1st place by DeGrave, Partizan and Honzik1 [result]
  • CTF: 1st place by DeGrave, Partizan and Honzik1 [result]


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Slowpoke news

August 19, 2015
Slowpoke newsLast month there were some member list updates. We welcome back Honzik1 and greet our new member Partizan. Also, because of inactivity, DooMie and Just were removed from the clan's roster.
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New member Diez

November 14, 2013
We welcome our new member from France — FranceDieZ. He has been playing sauer for 4 years.
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Member list update

July 30, 2013
We welcome our new member from the United Kingdom — Great Britain DooMie. He has been playing sauer since 2007, his favorite modes are capture, ffa and teamplay.
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