First SWL results

January 17, 2011
The RBs finished 1st SWL tournament with 3 out of 5 gold medals. Results: Instagib: Honzik1 Efficiency: degrave Regen capture: RB Efficiency CTF: JG Instagib CTF: JG   Instagib Round Teams Map Scores Screenshot qualification All curvedm - Link 1 Honzik1 vs. Beast turbine 98 - 90 Link 2 Honzik1 - Asylum^ turbine 89 - 89 - 2 Honzik1 - Asylum^ turbine 52 - 47 - finals Honzik1 vs. Zooka turbine 96 - 94 Link finals Honzik1 vs.
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The 3rd Sauerbraten Dangerous Monkeys Championship

December 16, 2010

Third SDMC will take place at this weekend.

Тема плкал


Instagib (1v1) Saturday 18/12/10 at 16:30 german time
InstaCtf (3vs3) Saturday 18/12/10 at 19:30 german time
Effic (1vs1) Saunday 19/12/10 at 16:30 german time
EfficCtf (3vs3) Sunday 19/12/10 at 19:30 german time

Information and rules


RB did not take any titles this time, but we gathered and played some nice internal matches after the tournament which is the most important.

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Members report

December 8, 2010
Solax was removed from members due inactivity. Neon was joined after a number of tense duels and team games.
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The 2nd Sauerbraten Dangerous Monkeys Championship

October 21, 2010

This weekend time for second the Sauerbraten Dangerous Monkeys Championship.


Insta (1v1) at 4pm German Time 23/10/10
Instactf (3v3) at 7pm German Time 23/10/10
Efficiency (1v1) at 4 pm German Time 24/10/10
Teamplay (2v2) at 7 pm German Time 24/10/10
Efficiency CTF (3v3) at 4 pm German Time 30/10/10 (Time may vary throughout week)

Information and rules

Instagib: 7th
Insta CTF: vaQ (mix)
Efficiency: beast
Teamplay: RB
Efficiency CTF: RB
1RB vs. sp4nkcapture_night6:5Link
2RB vs. DMauthentic5:2Link
finalsRB vs. ooreissen7:4Link
finalsRB vs. oodust210:3Link
1RB vs. p&pkalking1115:52Link
2RB vs. DM2hades96:42-
finalsRB vs. sp4nkcomplex121:94Link
finalsRB vs. sp4nkfc397:72Link

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SDMC: Results

August 23, 2010

RB has finished the SDMC tournament with 3 gold medals out of 5! Thanks to all our members who participated and were present as substitutes: anfes, deGrave, __FRY__, greenadiss, Honzik1, lgdsl, Syem, Undertaker, ^o_o^ (a.k.a. catface).

RB's stairway to heaven
Insta hold
1RB vs. DMc_valley8:3Link
2RB vs. WSreissen5:0Link
3RB vs. JGcorruption2:0Link
finalsRB vs. TXfc39:0Link
finalsRB vs. TXsuburb3:9Link
finalsRB vs. TXdust28:0Link
Regen capture
2RB vs. HotSnmp8WIN:4Link
finalsRB vs. DMnmp9WIN:44Link
finalsRB vs. DMfc495:46Link
Efficiency CTF
1RB vs. WSforge10:0Link
2RB vs. vaQtejen2:1Link
3RB vs. w4nkdust27:4Link
finalsRB vs. JGreissen7:9Link
finalsRB vs. JGauthentic5:4Link
finalsRB vs. JGredemption7:6Link

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New web-site has been launched

August 21, 2010

Now it is powered by Drupal 6. Site has very simple design, but we are working on it. Visitors can comment front page articles without registration.

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RB report

August 13, 2010

We've finally won a fight against our laziness and forgetfulness as we are now posting a report for the last few months.

The first of all: happy birthday to Undertaker!

Mewel (that you maybe know since Cube1) stopped playing saueubraten and left the clan. Good luck to him!

About 3 months ago in May, Iun (a.k.a. ulului) betrayed us by joining another clan, a few days later, greenadiss joined RB but LUXROCK soon followed the example of Iun and left us too.

July saw some RB members meeting in Kiev.

And finally, after 1 year of development, Cube2: Sauerbraten - Justice edition was released with many new maps, 2 new player models, 5 new game modes, multi-threaded lightmap calculation, alpha textures and many more improvements.


RB in hash house
^o_o^ | greenadiss | dima-m-v
Kyiv, Kontraktova Square, hash house (July 17, 2010)

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RB report

March 16, 2010

There are changes in our member list.

Meet new member syem from Switzerland. He likes play incta CTF. Welcome syem!

MacMax finished playing Sauerbraten. Good luck MacMax!

BeMyLover, ceyt, routman and Sitalov were excluded because of inactivity.

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Time and iTime modes

March 3, 2010

I have the new idea about new mode. This idea is based on the singleplayer mode when I played FFA against 100 monters and I tried to alive.

  1. It is a single mode (like FFA, Instagib etc).
  2. Supposed for 2-10 players.
  3. The radar is in the right corner (like in the Assasin mode in past)
  4. No frags, winner is player who alive most of the time (so time in scoreboard, no frags). For example, if I am alive 30 seconds in row, I will get 30 seconds to my scoreboard
  5. If I shot target, i get bonus time equal to alive time of target
  6. If I shot team-hunters (prevent against players wanted to kill target too), I will be punished by -1/2 of actual target alive-time.
  7. The player is selected as the target randomly by the server
  8. The players are hunting one player who do everything (hiding on secret places, defending himself from impasse places, running out, etc) to be alive.

What do you think about this? It would be fun. Every mode is mainly about fraging (except capture). This is about time how long you cover your ass or how good hunter you are. You can post your opinions about it there.

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Opinions about disqualification RB members

February 12, 2010

There are a few opinions about disqualification of PSL our members.


I do not like the behavior of man who does not respect the strict rules. I thought that the PSL is a competition where is mainly fun but now I do not think so. Almost everyone can see how anyone can accuse another because of cheating without the evidence needed. We published only in an embarrassing video where you can see only experienced game of player. But this suggests that the admin does not act lawfully against others and gives the impression that it all might think. And one month ago FK stop playing too, because there were no chance to change Shmutz wrong decision. From that moment I began to think that the PSL I will stop playing. I do not want to be the next target for admin charges. If you saw the game Majikal vs Drakas map campo, you could see that the admin has ordered replay game just because Drakas didnt know a map well and could not find an opponent. But no rule not allow to use this tactic. Look at this screenshot.

Finally, we were charged as well. I didn't play the qualifications just because I occupied the first four places. I played just to increase the qualification chances for the win one of our players. On the PSL official site you can see completely distorted information. Shmutz says that I deliberately stopped playing when the score was 23-11 but that is a big lie. When you look at the demo of the game, you'll see that I stopped playing about 20 seconds before the end of game. At this time I had difference about 5 frags. Shmutz written as the final score 24-23 but that is lie. I began to think that Shmutz is most of his time drunk. Each of us saw that admins finally started the game on face-capture map but they wrote the wrong name of the map (face_capture) and it took them about 10 minutes before the game really began. Shmutzwurst told me that I will be banned from all games next qualification and I can’t change his decision. About 3 days after qualification he said that he will change his decision about punishment. Here you can see that Shmutz is really a serious man. (Irony). RB team broke no rules and that is paramount. Shmutz "live decisions" are just for laugh. His "live decisions" make game not serious. "Live decisions" mean that admin can do everything what does he wants. If Shmutz is so lazy and he cannot write this rule "When it becomes clear that the player deliberately lost game and help second player to win, both players will be punished". It's his fault. But this rule has no sence. In many sports you are not punished if you give up game. For these reasons I will not play PSL anymore. This is my personal opinion and I am not alone who thinks so (not only RB players).


If anything happens what they don't want to happen and they don't have any rule which forbids it they have to add the rule and to punish next time. (they will publish soon (few days) officialy)


Banning is a bit too much, but he's right, it's not good to let other clanmates win.


We were training many times, the win on douze depends on lucky. We fair pass to qualification so on.


In my opinion (good or not) sauerbraten is a game, I play it just for fun and my goal isn't be the best player but only fun. I play in a clan to have fun. After the clan is a team, and sauerbraten become a team-game.... then it needs teamwork. The act of let a player win (in the same team or no) in my opinion isn't ot be classified as illegal gaming because if in a football game let the opponent player win no one can say something against the team.... maybe someone can say is stupid ma no one can say it is illegal... they didn't do nothing illegal... by the way the opponent team in this case is a teammate of the player then it is a teamwork (always in my opinion) not illegal... honzik preferred pass the insta qualification than the ffa qualification, I think is the same as if he left the game. Secondly, no rule of PSL say it isn't possible then no one can say it's illegal.

In my opinion the act of let the teammate win can be considerate a bit stupid by someone but is true that happend in the sport too but the disqualification I think is a bit excesive in my opinion, cause is the first time, they didn't know was wrong for psl do it and they didn't know was wrong for psl and they were in the same team.


In my opinion if it is something that is not in the rules and they disagree there should be no punishment and the rules should be immediately changed.

{QS}mos (about Shmutz's decision in Drakas vs Majikal game)

This is very good reminders why I don't play PSL. Thank you all.


In my opinion if it is something that is not in the rules and they disagree there should be no punishment and the rules should be immediately changed.

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February 8, 2010

We are leaving PSL.

Honzik1 and DeGrave were disqualified in FFA semifinal. RB suppose that shmutz’s decision wasn't based on rules. Different people have different opinions about contractual games between the same clan members. I, UTaker, think it’s normal. Shmutz desagrees. Somebody else has different position. How can we organize a tournament and take a part in it if everyone has own ideas how to rule? There is a decision – public rules of tounament. Everyone who wants to play in league must accept the rules. We accepted it and we took a part. And got disqualification by arbitrary ruling since not rule about this situation.

There was similar (but not the same) situation when w00p members were playing. They acted less obviously then RBers. Shmutz’s decision was in favor of a replay. PSL FAQ: “After the games we usually talk about it [controversial situation] and consider to make a rule for the future games. Sometimes this is a solution, sometimes it is not”. No new rule had been added. Shmutz made a voluntary decision. We do not accept this approach. PSL is Shmutz's toy, he does what he want. If so, then no place for us there.

Finally Shmutz let himself write stupid, inappropriate and insulting statement about Russians.

RB had meeting. Members were voting: to play in PSL or not. The majority (most of them are Russians outraged by Shmutz’s statement) voted to quit PSL. Shmutz’s decision is not the only thing that we do not like. PSL games itself, with their format, duration and time, are no fun anymore. We prefer friendly games with any clans.

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