Member list update

April 18, 2013
NetherlandsShinnok has left RB on his own decision. FranceQur has left RB due to internal conflict. We wish them good luck.
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Cube 2: Sauerbraten Collect Edition

January 5, 2013
After 2 years of development, Sauerbraten Collect Edition is finally released!

­ New features:
  • reanimated ogro model
  • 46 new maps
  • collect mode
  • international character sets
  • server browser improvements
  • improved model lighting
  • cubescript compiler
  • snow particles
  • ignore/unignore commands for local mute players
  • many more changes (full changelog)
Downloads for Linux, MacOS X and Windows:

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Latest news

April 8, 2012

Our site is healthy and running again, after a month pause.

After 6 months with us, Portugal Heaven decided to leave RB and play alone. He said: "i will clanless for a while i guess and maybe i wont even join another clan in my life idk".
Heaven was part of RB Sep. 2011 - Mar. 2012.

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`bug left

January 2, 2012
`bug left The Red Butchers to join his assault cube clan after it moved to Sauerbraten.
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Members list update

July 26, 2011

Neon has left RB because he want spending more time with players from his country in mumble and play with them in one team.

Demix, loquens and syem removed by inactivity.

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Honzik1 retired

April 17, 2011
Honzik1 has retired The Red Butchers on his own decision (Jan. 2008 - Apr. 2011).
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