• I. Hardware

    What is most important in hardware for your level of playing?

    My top 4:

    • Grafics card (most important)
    • Mouse
    • Monitor
    • Mousepad (less important)
    1. Grafics card

      It's very important to have a high FPS in game. FPS means frames per second. You can find it in right down corner of screen in game

      Frames per second indicator
      Right corner of screen in game

      I recommend more than 50 FPS. Test your FPS value on forge map (type in game: /map forge).

      You can increase your FPS by turning off some effects (in game: main/options/gfx).

      Note. There is v-sync option that limits your FPS by vertical refresh frequency of your monitor. If this option is on, then your FPS will be in 60-120 range. We recommend to turn off this option (in game: main/options/display).

      Also, Sauerbraten has the max number of FPS. You can change it by /maxfps command up to 1000 FPS. Default value is 200 FPS.

    2. Mouse

      Buy any Razer or Logitech mouse. These mouses are used by profi gamers.

      Mouse is very important. We recommend use cable mouse Laser mouse with cable is best choice.

    3. Monitor

      Use monitor > 20". Hight resolution is important too. Look at following picture.

      Object - green armor. You can see number of pixels for each resolution

    4. Mousepad

      Good mousepad provides smooth sliding of your mouse. Smooth sliding improve your aiming.

  • II. Mouse tuning

    - I recommend to set sensitivity as you can see on following picture.
    If you move by mouse about 6cm, you will turn 180 degrees in game

    - Turn off acceleration of mouse! (How to do that? Click on link under and find 1.1)
    - Very good mouse optimization guide HERE!
    - Next very good mouse optimization and gameplay guide HERE!


    - Buy any Razer or Logitech mousepad.
    - Easier moving on mousepad is better to aim in game.

  • III. Gameplay

    • hudgun

      - I recommend to play without hudgun, You can turn it off (type in game: /hudgun 0 or in game: main/options/game).

      Sometimes you cant see enemy behind your weapon, you will not see weapon (then you will recognize weapon by ammo icon) if you will turn off your hudgun.

    • shadows

      - Sometimes you can see enemy's shadow sooner than enemy's body, it can help to get ready shot. Look at following picture.
      - You can turn it on (in game: main/options/gfx)
      - Its not so much important, if you will get fps<50, dont turn it on.


    • crosshair

      - I recommend to change your crosshair.
      - I use this crosshair, its good for snipe. DOWNLOAD (extract and copy file to Sauerbraten/data)
      - degrave's crosshair .
      - You can find other crosshairs HERE.
      - You can change crosshairsize (type in game: /crosshairsize #) # = number (I use 12). Smaller crosshair = better snipe, but very small crosshair is bad (you dont see it very well on screen).

    • weapon-jumps

      - Weapon-jumps are very important for playing. You can jump to some inapproachable places in map where are often quads or health boosts.
      - You can use all weapons (except fist).
      - You must shot under yourself together with pressing jump button.
      - On following picture you can see how much you can jump by all weapons.
      1) Clasic no weapon-jumps (2 floors)
      2) Chaingun and shotgun jumps (3 floors)
      3) Rifle jumps (4 floors)
      4) Rocket jumps (9 floors)
      5) Granade jumps (13 floors)

      Complex rocketjump
      For example: With weapon-jumps I can easily get quad damage on complex map.

    • wall-attacks

      - You can attack your enemy (at other side of wall) by shoting rockets to the walls
      - Look at following picture. You can see I would be injured if I will be takeing green armor.

    • maxroll

      - Maxroll if default 2, but this is bad for playing, it is bad for aim when you are moving left to right.
      - Turn it off please (type in game: /maxroll 0)

    • faster run

      - You can run faster in game using some weapons, mainly rocket launcher and chaingun.
      - Its very useful in CTF mode.
      You must shot about 45 degrees under yourself

      You MUST jump during the shoting by chaingun. You can shot enemy in same time.

    • granades defence

      - Its very good defence in CTF mode, you shot granades behind your way.
      - Granade damage is about 64 in Trooper Edition!

    • jumpshots

      - If you doing jumpshots, enemy must be very fast to aim you, so it will give you good chance to be not killed.

      Douze jumpshot

    • super-shots
      num name damage reload dam/sec
      0 fist 50 0.25sec 200
      1 shotgun 20x10 1.4sec 143
      2 chaingun 30 0.1sec 300
      3 rocket launcher 120 0.8sec 150
      4 rifle 100 1.5sec 66
      5 grenade launcher 75 0.5sec 100
      6 pistol 25 0.5sec 50

      Items that can be picked up:

      • 6 types of ammo (10 shells, 5 rockets, 20 bullets, 5 rifle rounds, 10 grenades, 30 pistol ammo) (to a max of 30/15/60/15/30/120, respawn 12/9/6 seconds)
      • health (adds 25 to a max of MAXHEALTH (initially 100), respawn 20/15/10 seconds)
      • health boost (adds 10 to your MAXHEALTH until the end of the current map, respawn 60 seconds)
      • light armour (100, absorbs 40% of damage, respawn 20 seconds)
      • heavy armour (200, absorbs 60% of damage, respawn 20 seconds)
      • quad powerup (4x damage for 20 seconds, respawn 60 seconds)

      - Its combinations of using chaingun + rifle or rocket launcher or shotgun.
      - For example you can shot 3 times by chaingun + rifle = Shot - Reload - Shot - Reload - Shot - Reload - Shot (rifle)
      - I will take time: Shot - 0,1sec - Shot - 0,1sec - Shot - 0,1sec - Shot (rifle) = 190 damage in 0,3 seconds!

    • zoom

      - Its very useful thing for insta modes
      - Its binded G by default, I recommend to change bind to right mouse button. (type in game: /bind "MOUSE2" [togglezoom])
      - You can change sensitivity. (type in game: /zoomsens #) # = number

    • sensitivity button

      - Its useful for very long maps, it will make lower sensitivity by pressing button after unpress is your sensitivity back
      - You can aim much better and accurately.
      - Copy following code to your config.cfg in Sauerbraten folder (open it in notepad)

      bind "Z" [sensitivity $z_sensitivity; onrelease [sensitivity $norm_sensitivity]]
      "norm_sensitivity" = [3]
      "z_sensitivity" = [2]
      !!! norm_sensitivity is the same like your sensitivity and z_sensitivity is a bit lower than your normal sensitivity
    • direction keys

      - You have A W S D buttons default set to directions
      - Its better to use S E D F, why? Look at following picture.
      You can find buttons withouth looking on keyboard becouse you will feel dash or dot on F key.
      bind "E" [forward]
      bind "D" [backward]
      bind "F" [right]

      bind "S" [left]

    • weapon keys

      - 6 weapons (except fist) you can find in game.
      - I recommend bind 2 weapons for 1 key, exactly R T G keys
      bind "R" [cycleweapon 4 6]
      bind "T" [
      cycle weapon 1 5]
      bind "G" [
      cycle weapon 3 2]

    • music volume

      Music in Cube 2 is very aloud. I recommend to turn down your music volume (or mute) by command /soundvol (in game: menu/options/sound). You can hear sounds better now, you can hear enemy jumps or entering to teleports.