Sweeper rejoin

Dec 18, 2016

The 5th june GermanySweeper rejoin The Red Butchers.

Comments (3)

  1. Sauer player 20 december 2016, 20:05 #
    Finally you updated site, awesome!
    1. wolverine 05 september 2017, 23:51 #
      hi guis i am yuri1 in game wolverine i found ww and i have 31 years old i like RB clan honestly i see youre an nice clan respectfull i like respect! and i whould like to join RB clan i hate cheaters i never tested or used it i know to respect people who diserve that and i am veri honest and loial i am sorry for my bad language i hoppe u guys will understand me i play the game since 2013 thanks for degrave for setings i copied them all ,and we will meet us in game thanks!
      1. wolverine 05 september 2017, 23:53 #
        im sorry if i writte wrong here this application but email sems to not work for me k