Slowpoke news

Slowpoke newsLast month there were some member list updates. We welcome back Honzik1 and greet our new member Partizan. Also, because of inactivity, DooMie and Just were removed from the clan's roster.

The Seventh foundation anniversary

29th December of 2014 is the seventh anniversary of the Red Butchers. Long live RB!

Take that bitches!

Qur has left

France Qur has left RB on his own decision.

New members Morry and Sveark

The Red Butchers welcome two new members from Яussia — Russia Morry and Russia Sveark.

Jawer has left

GermanyJawer decided to leave to try his luck in other clans.

The Sixth foundation anniversary

29th of December was the sixth anniversary of Red Butchers. We have been kicking your fat asses for six bloody years.

New member Diez

We welcome our new member from France — FranceDieZ. He has been playing sauer for 4 years.

Member list update

We welcome our new member from the United Kingdom — Great Britain DooMie. He has been playing sauer since 2007, his favorite modes are capture, ffa and teamplay.

Last comments accidentally removed

In the last month we have had too much spam, whilst cleaning this spam some of your comments have been accidentally removed, don´t take it personal.

Member list update

Great Britain Power has been removed due to inactivity.
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